Sharing What You Know

People that are conscious of the limits of what they know should strive to share more of what they find out more often.

The reason is that people that don’t know much are the ones that appear the most confident. And this is because the people that apply them selves to learn and find the limits of what they know. As such they become acutely aware of the fact that there are things that they don’t know. And for that reason, they tend to admit that there are limits to their knowledge openly.

Confident but Average

I attended a presentation recently where the presenter did an okay job, but there were omissions in his talk to which he did not seem aware. I asked some questions to try to bring these gaps to his attention, but I realized that he truly just did know about what I was asking him. And I I sat there I reflected on how many other people were in attendance that could have done a better job or at least at giving the audience a more well-rounded presentation.

Get out there and share your value

It can be hard to get over yourself and that fear that you don’t know that much. But there is something that you know that would be valuable to other. The presenter that I was referring to did his best, and he delivered a lot of value. And I believe that there are others that could be out there sharing their knowledge as well. But instead of focusing on what they can give, they focus on what they don’t have.

Value is the name of the game, and for those of use that apply ourselves to learn, we owe it to ourselves and to others to make sure that we share what we know with the world and put a little more value out there. Don’t let the unconsciously incompetent people of the world get all the attention and shine. Get some shine too and spare us from the confidence of unconcious incompetence.

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