Welcome to Divtopia!

If you keep up with reading feeds then what you find is that there is not consistency or agreement on what you should be doing. That said, there is pattern if you stay up with the latest information. But who has time for that? I do.

Divtopia starts with one goal:

To help you catch up, keep up, and get ahead with your front-end and javascript changes.

It’s hard enough to know what’s in and what’s out? Is it grunt today? Or maybe gulp? Or webpack?

I have to stay on top of all these changes, so I’ll share my findings. Here with my Divtopians (citizens of divtopia - a utopic world where divs co-exist in peace and harmony - yup, I can be cheesy).


    let guestName = "Your name here!!";
    alert(`Hi, ${guestName}`);

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