Why complexity is the enemy

Complexity is not your friend. And that’s because it makes it difficult for your brain to hold on to new information.

Prep yourself

For example, I wanted to write this article quickly; I decided to use a little mnemonic called PREP that a friend told me about recently.

If you’d like to make a point, you come up with the following:

Now to coding

Now apply the same thing to coding, you can wrap your head around most of the coding by understanding where things fit.

For example, when you’re learning, you have skills, concepts, and theories to master as it relates to what you would like to learn.

Skills could include things like software design, language comprehension, or debugging skills.

The theory could include things like algorithms and data structures and concepts like variables and control structures.

Breaking down your studies into small subsections you will find that you can slowly level up your skills and if you can create simple mnemonics to help you get a complete picture of the coding landscape without adding a lot of complexity, then you’re winning.

Keep it Stupid Simple

So, when you’re approaching new challenges, keep it simple, because complexity is not your friend.

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