Why learning to code is the key to leveling up your career and life

There aren’t many fields I know, besides entrepreneurship, which allows you to make six-figures without a college degree; careers where you can do creative work with smart people while working with your brain and not your brawn.

But coding does. That was my realization, as I thought about what it is that inspires me to help and mentor people on how to get started and keep up with coding.

It is this realization that the coding world is a meritocracy. It’s a leveled playing field, and the opportunity for anyone with a willingness a computer, and internet connection to rising to the top of their game is there for anyone to take. This knowledge is what inspires me. This knowing is what drives me.

I want to help people to change their lives. And coding is an arena where you can’t fake your way through. The proof is in the code.

As a result, anyone with the willingness to apply themselves can attain any level of success to which they aspire because it’s all learnable. The technical skills, the concepts, the theories, and the soft skills that allow you to excel in the real world when working with people. And you don’t need a school to do it.

I want to help people reach their maximum potential, and one of the best ways to do that is to assist people to learn how to think (coding does that). And once you know how to think and bring ideas into the world, you’re free to build a life of your design. Plus you can make a good living doing it for others or yourself.

So, if you’re considering learning how to code, or have already started, here’s my message to you:

Keep going!!

It might seem frustrating, overwhelming, and daunting in the beginning, but it pays off in no time at all. Once you get to the point where you can sit down at an empty code editor to build something, there is nobody that can stop you. Well, nobody except you.

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